Bach Bash

I thought to kick off my first post was to start BIG. As in rent a luxury suite at a downtown San Francisco hotel and host a bachelorette party BIG! So I did just that for my best friend, D. So bachelorettes are all about the bride, right? And although this affair is no exception because my main girl is the moon and the stars to me, I decided to go in a different direction. I decided to theme the event about her female relationships and how they have lead her to this important day!

With the rise of female comedies in Hollywood, a la the movie, "Bridesmaids," this bachelorette was about D and her "League of Ladies." I incorporated each special female by printing photos throughout the years with our favorite bride-to-be and putting these special women on FULL DISPLAY from photo strips, a photo board, individual hangover kits, and brunch customized t-shirts for each bachelorette princess. Your wedding is about your relationship, your bachelorette is about your girlsssss. Enjoy the photos!

All the photos in this post were taken by the phenomenal @whippedupwhimsy!