Jackie of Hearts

My mom had a big milestone birthday this December, so we did what you naturally would in a situation like that... we took the party to Vegas! To honor Sin City, we themed her birthday "Jackie of Hearts."  

From there, we rented a suite, made the place sparkle, and played a party game to kick off the night. The game was called "What Happened in the Year 1956?" Featuring the birth year of our birthday girl, we split into two teams and played a 20-question trivia game. This allowed the party guests to get to know each other and set the stage for the evening: all about our Jackie of Hearts!

Lastly,  we honored what makes Las Vegas, the city that surprises you, by having Rob Anderson, magician and host of MTV's Bugging Out, as our evening entertainment. He was hilarious and quite the trickster! 

Viva Las Vegas!